About Prof. Zoltan Dienes

Dienes Zoltán

Professor Zoltan Dienes is one of the most well-knowned and most impressive figure of the 20th centuries mathetmatic teaching reforms. The essence of his wonderful ability has been to translate a significant portion of mathematical problems into games. Playing his games many children and grownups got closer unperceivedly to mathematical thinking. The clear phrasing of his games purposes are: creativity, application, correspondence of its purpose at high-standards. He is one of the greatest – if not the one – reformers of mathematic education in Hungary.

“Both of us are his friends and also his followers. He mesmerized us towards playful mathematic education by his enthusiasm, humane and sparkling spirit. We were with him in schools. We took conversative friendly walks with him. We gave him the Honorary Doctorate by the Pécsi Tudományegyetem on a moving and remarkable occasion. And so, we were their with his family when we said fairwell.

We wish to keep his heritage alive, to let their thoughts, games and books to prove for many who’ll come, that thinking is right, and that learning mathematic could and should be a pleasure for everyone.”

Julianna Kiss and Sándor Klein