About us

Segítünk Ha Lehet is a lively, youthful consulting firm.

Our main profile is to offer the most modern psychometrical methods and the opportunities of the internet in the form of unique, online suitability tests – such as Talent Q and People tests – for HR purposes, for businesses and for educational application.

Above that we offer our publications of the most recent results of occupational psychology and also our training services.

Our Mission

Most of the businesses are working on minimising its expenses and maximising its incomes. Our persuasion is that this fundamental purpose is only achievable through the most valuable resource of any business. Through people. We can help you to effectively assess extant and future colleagues abilities, competencies, motivations and other skills and personalities and to make adequate decisions based on them.

We also support our partners who use our platforms with continuous helpdesk services.

The Team

Our team is formed by young and enthusiastic psychologists and IT professionals, who decided to bound the latest achievements of the occupational psychology and IT segments to develop up-to-date, precise and in-expensive tools and trainings.


Segítünk Ha Lehet is already on the spot in the Visegrád region. Our colleagues also serving in their languages in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. You may also like to push your advantage by these HR services through countries.

Talent Q’s official distributor

Segítünk Ha Lehet is the Hungarian partner of the main British HR service company, the Talent Q Group. Thus we are the exclusive and official distributors of the worldwide used (75 countries) Talent Q tests.