People tests

Innovative thoughts, serious methodological and psychometrical deliberations make the Hungarian developed People tests an outstanding ability and personality assessment method. It's measuring techniques let us to assess the most different populations on-line with the same questionnaires. Thus beyond the competitive market demands for recruitment and development, People tests let us to examine even the youngster population and can be used for talent identification and service purposes. It's ability tests give us a sharp and valid picture from the candidate's abilities. Personality questionnaires can be used in a medium time interval to examine our candidates behaviour at work. People tests have proven their values in many countries and in over 50.000 completions.


The measurement's accuracy is undoubtedly the most memorable value of the People tests. Its adaptive methodology - which makes the test personalized and suited for every candidates ability - makes the completion fast, unique and accurate.


Some People tests are capable of examining the most different populations - children, teenager, adult - what makes it unique at the field of on-line tests. For this reason People test enables us to reach even educational researches. Assessment and development center of the People test makes itself even more universal.

Standardized solutions
Standardized solutions

We recommend the fast, precise, modern and also user-friendly tools of the People test for standardized examinings. It is capable for examine educational cases and standardized recruitment and development processes at an inexpensive rate.

People Spektrum Competency Questionnaire

The People personality questionnaire let us examine the candidates working behaviour, strengths and preferences. Understanding the working behaviour is a key element of the decision making of the human resources.

People IQ test

People IQ test is a development for one of the widest used IQ test in the world, the Progressive Raven Matrices. On-line, adaptive, item-scaling method utilized test. For these reasons it is precise, fast and can be used universally. More than 50.000 of completion and international presence on the market show its value of examining IQ on universal populations. Can suit public, educational and talent maintenance purposes.

People Numerical test

Numerical test examines on which level the candidates can handle information based on numbers, tables, charts and graphs. This ability can be crucial in many various scopes of activities where decision making or everyday work processes include working with numbers.

People Vocabulary Test

People Vocabulary test gives you the opportunity to examine candidate’s ability of understanding texts, vocabulary, handling of information and also their literacy and awareness of socially important knowledge. T

People Pattern learning test

The test offers solutions to the governmental and to the public sector for examining in human resources from standardized researches to unique and inexpensive processes. Also offers examining tools for the educational sector.