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We at the Access assessment company believe in scientifically valid tests specially made for the working field. We like to support our on-line vending of the test with our Recruitment service for those who needs our experience and professional knowledge in recruitment and development processes.

Please get in contact with us if you seem to need some professional help with those processes.

Ability test

We try to help our clients with guidance services in any fields of industrial psychology from work activity analyses to mangers personal development.

Guidance service of the Access assessment primarily includes:

  • Assessment- Development Centre (AC/DC) exercises and customized solutions,
  • managers development with personal or team methods,
  • team building to help teams to get more efficient,
  • interview training – as preparation for an effective and fluent interview, also as integration test results and interview material,
  • coaching – helping, personal occasions for the increasing of the manager era’s efficiency,
  • building up competency model – for a measurable model of positions and for the adaptation of the firm unique preferences.

We kindly wait for your check-in in any of the cases above to help you with our guidance.

Carrier advising and vocational guidance
Carrier advising and vocational guidance

Both freshly graduated entrants and experienced who stands front of a carrier changing decisions could benefit from the consulting.

On the 4 hour long occasion test completions (personality, motivation, ability tests) and personal guidance conversations will take part, to give you hints and pictures about your carrier and horizons.

Price of the 4 hour long occasion: 25 000 HUF + VAT (online: 15 000 HUF + VAT)

Online testing
On-line testing

We wish to give opportunity for the colleagues on the human resource field to have available, professional tests as helping tools in the personal, unique development and recruitment processes.

Thus we worked out our Talent Q Price Calculator, which helps in unique processes by enable the purchases of the testes in small number for inexpensive rates. Please choose your tests from the Price Calculator and get in touch with us.

Dienes games
Dienes games

Zoltán Dienes is one of the most well-known and most influenced reformer of the mathematical education. His wondrous ability was to convert most of the mathematical thinking problems into the language of games.

Playing his games many children and adult got closer to mathematic implicitly. The main aim of a game such as his is creativity, application, correspondence of aims and high-standards. In our training you can learn that unique thinking method, which was created by one of the -if not the one – most known reformer of mathematic learning, Zoltán Dienes. Our training involves:

  • Logical thinking’s significance and it’s adjudicated nowadays – The general principles and stages of mathematical learning by Dienes.
  • Connection of games and logic
  • Knowing Dienes’s games and their usage

Please get in touch with us if the training has wakened your interest.

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